We believe that, wherever possible, there should be a return to using the seasonal produce that is available. For that reason, our courses are split into those periods – partly in an attempt to re-establish the pleasure of anticipating certain foodstuffs as they come into season.
However, we also recognise that for the purposes of teaching, it is not always practicable or desirable to restrict our courses in that way. Therefore, we take full advantage of the availability of non-seasonal items to provide a balanced response to today’s culinary requirements.

To enable you to see which course is the one for you, we have tried to guide your decision by giving a rough idea of what level of skill is required to enable you to get the most from the course.

Level 1 - No previous experience
Level 2 - Enthusiastic home cook. Willing to learn new skills and techniques.
Level 3 - Competent cook (inc. fish dishes and skilled at producing family dinners). Introduction to more complex techniques including presentation of dishes.

Everything is provided and is included in the course fee.

As far as clothing is concerned, we suggest sensible footwear which covers the toes and with non-slip soles, comfortable casual clothes (we recommend trousers) and long hair should be tied back.


March 2020
Monday 2ndFine Dining7pm - 9pm3£58.00
Wednesday 4thFamily Home Cooking7pm - 9pm1£55.00
Saturday 7thSpanish Tapas10am - 12noon2£55.00
Wednesday 11thItalian Cuisine7pm - 9pm2£55.00
Saturday 14thKids Cookery (10yrs-14yrs)10am - 12noon1£16.00
Saturday 14thIntermediate Kids Cookery (15yrs-18yrs)2pm - 4pm1£25.00
Wednesday 18thThai Cuisine7pm - 9pm2£55.00
Saturday 21stPatisserie @Home10am - 12noon2£56.00
Wednesday 25thHome Roasting7pm - 9pm1£55.00
Saturday 28thBeginners Sushi10am - 12noon1£56.00
April 2020
Sunday 5thEaster Baking for Kids(5yrs-10yrs) Easter Biscuits & Decorate your Easter Egg2pm - 4pm1£25.00
Saturday 18thFamily Home Cooking10am - 12noon1£55.00
Wednesday 22ndCakes and Baking7pm - 9pm2£56.00
Saturday 25thKids Cookery (10yrs-14yrs)10am - 12noon1£16.00
Saturday 25thKids Intermediate Cookery (15yrs-18yrs)2pm - 4pm1£25.00
Wednesday 29thVegetarian Cookery7pm - 9pm2£55.00
May 2020
Saturday 2ndIndian Cuisine10am - 12noon2£55.00
Thursday 7thBBQ Meats, Fish & Sides7pm - 9pm1£56.00
Saturday 9thFish & Seafood10am - 12noon2£56.00
Tuesday 12thSummer Desserts7pm - 9pm1£56.00
Thursday 14thGluten Free Cooking7pm - 9pm1£55.00
Saturday 16thKids Cookery (10yrs - 14yrs)10am - 12noon1£16.00
Saturday 16thKids Intermediate Cookery (15yrs - 18yrs)2pm - 4pm1£25.00
Wednesday 20thSummer Baking7pm - 9pm2£56.00
Saturday 23rdArtisan Bread10am - 12noon1£54.00
Wednesday 27thFish Smoking Techniques7pm - 9pm2£56.00
Saturday 30thGents Only Basic Cooking10am - 12noon1£55.00
June 2020
Wednesday 3rdItalian Cuisine7pm - 9pm2£55.00
Saturday 6thVegetarian Cookery10am - 12noon2£55.00
Wednesday 10thBeginners Sushi7pm - 9pm1£56.00
Saturday 13thFine Dining10am - 12noon3£58.00
Wednesday 17thThai Cuisine7pm - 9pm2£55.00
Saturday 20thKids Cookery (10yrs-14yrs)10am - 12noon1£16.00
Saturday 20thKids Intermediate Cookery (15yrs-18yrs)2pm - 4pm1£25.00
Wednesday 24thBritish Cuisine7pm - 9pm2£55.00
Saturday 27thProfessional Knife Skills10am - 12noon1£54.00
July 2020
Wednesday 1stFish & Seafood Cookery7pm - 9pm2£56.00
Saturday 4thHome Cooking & Roasting10am - 12noon1£56.00
Wednesday 8thArtisan Bread7pm - 9pm1£54.00
Saturday 11thKids Cookery (10yrs-14yrs)10am - 12noon1£16.00
Saturday 11thKids Intermediate Cookery (15yrs-18yrs)2pm - 4pm1£25.00
Wednesday 15thVegan Cookery7pm - 9pm1£55.00
Saturday 18thBBQ & Smoking Cooking10am - 12noon2£56.00
Wednesday 22ndSummer Desserts7pm - 9pm1£56.00
Saturday 25thSpanish Tapas10am - 12noon2£55.00


Terms and conditions.

  1. All payments in full to be made at time of booking; please contact us to confirm availability.
  2. Method of payment to be cheque or cash. (Please do not send cash through the post) 
  3. It is your responsibility to make us aware of any food allergies. 
  4. We operate a strict and fair 20 day cancellation policy. A cancellation can mean other customers are turned away on the strength of that booking. 
  5. There is a standard £15.00 charge to cover administrative costs. Refund in full will be made only if the place is filled. 
  6. If you need to make a change to a booking and can give more than 20 days notice, then no charge will be made for choosing an alternative lesson or date. (Please check availability) 
  7. If you are unable to give the period of notice stated in Clause 5, then you will be charged for the course already booked unless the place can be filled.

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